Meghan & Steve

Old Saint Joseph's & Ballroom at the Ben: Philadelphia, PA

Meghan and Steve got married at the first catholic church ever to be founded in Philadelphia. It's kind of tucked away because they had to hide it when it was built. The outside has all this beautiful cobblestone and brick and the church itself is small so it felt very intimate. 

Everything about this wedding was classic Philly. We took pictures at Carpenter's Hall & The First Bank of America. The reception took place at Ballroom at the Ben and of course, they walked in to the E-A-G-L-E-S theme song because what other song do you walk into when you are die hard Eagles Fans and they are having the best season of our lives thus far. 

Their entrance set the stage for en epic dance party. Meghan and Steve have electrifying energy and it's evident that they crowd they hang out with also does. The large dance floor at the Ballroom at the Ben was packed from the opening dance on for the duration of the night. 


Tricia NotteComment