Light chaser & Adventure seeker.  Destination wedding photographer. I am interested creating unique images that capture the  pure and authentic love you share.  


I have always been a photographer. As a child, I filled my walls with cherished images of the people I loved and the places I went. I suppose as we grow, some things remain constant. The methods for which I hung these images changed over time from simple tape on freshly painted walls to nicely hung picture frames and uniquely designed albums that sit on my coffee table but my passion for saving a special spot for each moment and person in my life has remained constant.         

 I have always loved to connect with people. I have come to realize that my work as a photographer is just as much about connecting with the people I work with as it is knowing how to work a camera and be creative. I feel privileged to get to share in these authentic and intimate moments with you. It is my goal to truly capture the freshest and most natural moments, that instant when you allow your soul to shine through, the giggle that happens spontaneously when you are feeling nervous, the gentle smile that occurs when your child does something endearing, and the wide-eyed grin that you cannot control when you look at your lover.

            I absolutely love being part of your wedding day. It is truly an honor and a privilege to get to capture such a monumental occasion and document the love you two have for another and the many special people in your lives who are there to support you. I want you to be able to look at your photos and feel the love close in your heart as you remember your day. When you look at your images, I want you to feel all the feels and my goal as a photographer is to capture all of those moments for you in the purest way possible I want you to cherish your photos forever.


     I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband, Jon and my pup, Wally. We love traveling and exploring areas near and far, and hiking together. We love to be near the water and you can find us often kayaking, scuba diving, and paddle boarding whenever and wherever possible. I am a certified yoga instructor and love to practice at a variety of studios in the Philly area. I often travel to shoot weddings and frequently do for a very limited cost so don't worry if you aren't in the Philly area! Consider my bags already packed.


I will climb a mountain with you. I will stand on chairs. I will climb under tables. I will stand in the snow and get soaked in rain. I will hold your flowers and your drink. I am so excited to share in this experience. 



Locations of previous weddings


Pennsylvania                                New Jersey            
North Carolina                                 Montana
Florida                                                 Italy